Eight things to do in Tampines will make your trip to Singapore worth it

Singapore is a country that is rich in culture and offers travelers plenty of activities to do. Getting around Tampines can be very easy since there are many forms of transportation. Whether your preferred mode of transportation is the train, bus, taxi, or bike-sharing, you will have no problem getting to where you need to go! If you’re looking for something to do in Tampines, look no further! This post will provide you with eight recommendations of things to do in this vibrant neighborhood.

1. Visit a park

Visitors to Tampines can start their day by waking up with nature. The area is home to not one but two large parks. One of the parks is Changi Beach Park, an excellent place for people who would like to dip in the swimming pool or go for a jog along the coastal path. It’s also known for having an incredible night view and free outdoor fitness lessons every Saturday evening! Secondly, there is Bedok Reservoir Park – it’s perfect if you’re looking for nature and fresh air close to the heart as it houses Singapore’s largest reservoir and provides visitors with plenty of space to relax and enjoy themselves! This park has many fun activities such as kayaking, cycling

2. Visit the Tampines Central Library

The library has a total floor area of 5,000 square meters and has a gross floor area of 6,500 square meters. It was initially built in 1983, making it the oldest library in Singapore. It was renovated five years later to provide more room for the growing community. It is not only a library that provides you with the ability to borrow books, but it also offers other activities like language courses, computer lessons, and even meal vouchers. The Tampines Central Library is located at 10 Tampines Central 5.

3. Go shopping in Century Square

There are many places where you can go shopping in Singapore, but none of them compare to the size (or quality) of Century Square Shopping Mall. What makes this mall stand out from all of the others? There are two reasons: The first reason is that there are over 370 stores while the second reason is that one-fourth of these stores are fashion retailers while another fourth sells cosmetics and accessories. The mall has something for everyone!

4. Catch a movie at Tampines Mall

Tampines Mall is yet another mall that seems to be at the top of everyone’s list. However, if you’re interested in watching a movie, Tampines Mall has something for you! There are nine theaters with a total seating capacity of over 3,000 people. What makes these theaters even better is that they offer Imax and Gold Class cinema options. If you can’t find anything to do on a Friday night, look no further than Tampines Mall!

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5. Go skydiving

Singapore has some spectacular places to go skydiving because many tall buildings are located here to provide you with a unique view! Although all companies may offer you the same prices, there are some differences. Skydive Singapore is your best bet if you want to skydive in Singapore! They have everything from experienced instructors to training programs to increase your chances of survival. Believe it or not, people go skydiving here all of the time!

6. Go for a jog

There are plenty of places where you can take part in an activity that allows you to enjoy nature and get fit at the same time, but Tampines Park is one of the best options available! The park has two lakes, two fitness corners (one for adults and one for children), five-kilometer running tracks, exercise equipment, jogging trails, picnic areas, and even a dog park! The best part? It’s free to enter the park, so you don’t have to worry about spending money here.

7. Eat your way around Tampines Food Centre

Tampines Food Centre is one of the few places that allows you to experience food from Singapore and Asia at large. It has restaurants serving cuisines from China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and more! Try them all for yourself by looking up reviews or checking out TripAdvisor before you go! If you are looking for something specific, try visiting A&W Restaurant, which serves burgers, and Cinta Ria Restoran, specializing in Malay cuisine.

8. Have a picnic

What better way to enjoy your weekend than by having a picnic? There are plenty of places where you and your friends (or family members) can spend some quality time together, but none seem as great as Tampines Central Park! The park has pavilions, lawns, resting areas, and sports facilities like tennis courts and skate parks. The best part is that there’s no fee to enter the park, so you don’t have to worry about spending any extra money here!

In conclusion:

If you’re looking for a great weekend getaway or even something to do on your days off, Tampines is the place for you. With plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy, you’ll never be bored here. Be sure to check out treasureattampinescondo.com for more information on this fantastic city!

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